Aliens Colonial Marines Trainer +16 (Cheats)

Aliens Colonial Marines Trainer +16 (Cheats)

Aliens Colonial Marines Trainer +16 (Cheats)

Language: English
Number of functions: 16
Number of downloads: 55

List of options:
Numpad 1 ~ Infinite Health
Numpad 2 ~ Infinite Armor
Numpad 3 ~ Infinite Ammo
Numpad 4 ~ Infinite Ammo - Secondary
Numpad 5 ~ No Reload
Numpad 6 ~ Infinite Clip Capacity x10
Numpad 7 ~ Super Speed
Numpad 8 ~ Super Sprint
Numpad 9 ~ Super Jump
Numpad + ~ Save Position
Numpad - ~ Load position
Numpad 0 ~ Undo Position

F1 ~ No Recoil
F2 ~ No Spread
F3 ~ Rappid Fire
F4 ~ Real Rapid Fire
F5 ~ Add 1.000 Exp per Hit
F6 ~ Big Enemies
F7 ~ Small Enemies
F8 ~ Restore Enemy Size
F9 ~ Real Super Speed
F10 ~ Restore Speed
F11 ~ Restore Recoil / Spread / Rappid Fire
F12 ~ Enable Trainer

Ctrl+1 ~ Add 5 UP

Home ~ Disable All

How it works:
- Download Cheats for Aliens Colonial Marines by clicking the Download button below
- Copy file from the Aliens Colonial Marines folder to your game installation folder.
- First run Trainer and only then start the game!
- Then, press one of the following keys during a game to activate the corresponding cheat function

Download Aliens Colonial Marines Trainer +16:

Aliens Colonial Marines Trainer +16 (Cheats)

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